Holidays 2017


January 2nd (Mon) New Year's Holiday
January 3rd (Tue) New Year's Holiday
January 26th (Thu) Liberation Day*
February 16th (Thu) Remembrance of Archbishop Janani Luwum*
March 8th (Wed) International Women's Day*
April 14th (Fri) Good Friday*
April 17th (Mon) Easter Monday*
May 1st (Mon) Labour Day*
June 9th (Fri) National Heroes Day*
July 24th (Sat)-26th(Mon) (one of the three days) Eid al-Fitr*
September 1st (Fri)-3rd (Sun) (one of the three days) Eid al-Adha*
October 9th (Mon) Independence Day*
December 25th (Mon) Christmas Day*
December 26th (Tue) Boxing Day*


If Eid al-fitr and Eid al Adha clash with Saturday or Sunday, they will replaced first by December 29th (Fri) and then by November 23rd (Labor Thanks giving Day) (Thu).


Total 14 days (* Ugandan Holidays )

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