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21 December 2010



Japan Supports Karamoja and Refugee Assistance Programmes in Uganda


The Government of Japan has decided to provide US$7 million grant assistance for Uganda through UNHCR and WFP. The grant will be utilized to protect vulnerable populations, many of whom are likely to be affected by recent erratic weather patterns in the country.


1. Assistance to Refugees through UNHCR (US$4 million)

The programme will be carried out with a special focus on life-sustaining humanitarian assistance and protection for refugees, emergency assistance to newly arrived refugees, enhancement of durable solutions for the refugee problems, as well as support to urban refugees. Activities include strengthening cooperation with local authorities, host populations and service providers in order to improve access and quality of social services as well as health and education; improvement of basic living conditions of refugees by providing non-food items (i.e. basic households items, agricultural tools); support for improved hygiene and sanitary conditions as well as access to safe water; and protection of women and girls against gender-based violence.



2. Assistance to Karamoja through WFP (US$3 million)

The programme aims at addressing food insecurity and malnutrition through the mother and child health and nutrition programme and a livelihoods initiative called the Karamoja Productive Assets Programme. The mother and child health and nutrition programme will help reduce stunting by providing nutritious food for pregnant women and nursing mothers and their babies. Meanwhile, the livelihoods programme will support food insecure households to build productive assets at the community level. The assets will include dams for watering animals and crops, vegetable gardens, cash crops and low energy cooking stoves. The livelihoods programme will thus enable communities to enhance their livelihood activities, while filling the seasonal food gap within food insecure households, thereby mutually averting a rise in acute malnutrition and safeguarding food security

This year, Japanese Government has already provided US$9.7 million grant assistance for Uganda through WFP, UNICEF and UNHCR. With the new contribution, Japan’s support to Uganda through UN agencies for the Year 2010 and 2011 reaches at US$16.7 million in total.


Photos from projects previously supported by Japan


A woman works on a KPAP-supported community farm in Moroto.
(Photo by Lydia Wamala/WFP)
A community cleans up harvested beans supported by KPAP in Moroto.
(Photo by Lydia Wamala/WFP)
A Karamojong man watches his cows near a dam built under KPAP in Moroto.
(Photo by Lydia Wamala/WFP)
karamoja04 karamoja05 karamoja06
Refugee assistance at Health Centre III in Nakivale.
(Photo by UNHCR)
Women trained for sinking pit for water harvest at Nakivale.
(Photo by UNHCR)
Community learning the use of sack garden at Nakivale.
(Photo by UNHCR)