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Major Activities 2010


22nd December 2010

headJapan Expands its Support for PRDP Dirsticts


21th December 2010

headJapan Supports Karamoja and Refugee Assistance Programmes in Uganda


30th November 2010

headJapan Expands its Support for Rice Promotion in Uganda


1st November 2010

headJapan Finances a New Bridge Across River Nile


25th August 2010

headJapan Donates $4.7 Million towards WFP Programmes in Uganda


17th Jun 2010

headJapan Finances Rehabilitation of Hospitals and Supply of Medical Equipment
in Central Region


12th April 2010

headJapan Grants $23 Million for Social Development


26th March 2010

headJapan Finances $88 Million for Regional Infrastructure Development Projects