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 The Project for Construction of Maternity Ward at Tapac Health Centre


1. Project Detail



Moroto Diocese Health Department

Amount of funding

US$ 66,631


Sr. Dinavence Tushabomwe, Diocesan Health Coordinator

Name of the project

The Project for Construction of Maternity Ward at Tapac Health Centre

Location of the project

Moroto District

Items that were funded

Construction of structures and provision of equipment

Date of grant signing

12th August 2008


Moroto District is one of the districts in Karamoja region. The region is characterised by high levels of poverty, poorest health indicators in Uganda, lack of access to health services, lack and poor communication channels and high illiteracy levels. Most of the basic services are provided by religious institiutions such as Moroto Diocese Health Department. That is why Tapac Health Centre was established in 2003 and has been prioritised in a remote Tapac Parish in Katekekile sub-county. The area has large catchments with marginalised inhabitants. Although Tapac Health Centre has no maternity ward, it is upgraded to health centre III.

The project will enable the Health Centre to construct a maternity ward and provide equipment to enable the community to have better access to basic health care services. Currently the service is provided in a single Multi-purpose Hall built in 1992. This project will improve all major health indicators which currently fall below more than a third of the national average.



2. Progress of the Project

The project has been successfully completed by 20th October 2010.