Embassy of Japan in Uganda



The First Ambassador's Commendation

On September 3rd at the Embassy of Japan, Mr. Tatsumasa OKU, Managing Director of Smiley Earth, an Osaka-based company specializing on towels made of Ugandan organic cotton, was awarded Ambassador's commendation for his remarkable contributions to the Japan-Uganda relationship. He was the mastermind of the twinning of Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, and Gulu.

Ambassador's commendation is given to a person or organization in recognition of their contribution toward promoting mutual understanding and  friendship between Japan and Uganda.

At the ceremony, Ambassador Kameda said the followings regarding Mr.Oku:
(1) Mr. Oku, who follows the footstep of Mr.Kashiwada,  has been producing towels made of Ugandan organic cotton in Izumisano, Osaka, Japan.
(2) He not only purchases cotton from Gulu but also contributes to sustaining cotton farmers' lives and grow cotton in an environmentally friendly way.
(3) Based on the above mentioned connection to Gulu, he got Gulu and Izumisano City to sign MOU on cooperation.
(4) Mr. Oku also helped Izumisano city to become a 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Host Town to welcome Ugandan atheletes for the occasion.
(5) Mr. Oku has atheletic background and because of that experience and link to the atheletic friends, he was able to make Tateshina Town to be the 2nd host town in Japan for Uganda for the occasion of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
(6) I hope Mr. Oku will keep developing his Smiley Earth company based on the Uganda produced organic cotton and also keep promoting Japan-Uganda friendly relationship in future.
(7) In recognition of above-mentioned contributions, I would like to award Mr. Tatsumasa OKU the first Ambassador's commendation.

Mr. Oku mentioned below as his remarks:
(1) It is my great pleasure to receive such a honourable award.
(2) Smiley Earth Company and I will keep striving to achieve sustainable development and social actualization through the production of the items.
(3) I would like to continue promoting friendly relationship between Japan and Uganda.