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Japan News Release  
25th November 2010                 

Japan Promotes Health in Western and Education in Northern Uganda


Japan donates over sh528 million to St. Paul’s Health Center in Kasese district, Mbaare Health Center in Isingiro district and Logiri Girls’ Secondary School in Arua district. Ambassador Keiichi Kato signed the grant contracts with the representatives of the two health centres and Logiri Girls’ Secondary School at the Embassy of Japan in Kampala.

A maternity ward will be constructed at St. Paul’s Health Centre, which lacks a maternity ward despite the fact that it takes average of 81 deliveries per month. A general ward will be constructed at Mbaare Health Centre, where lack of a general ward is forcing the patients to sleep in corridors; Necessary equipment and facilities will also be procured for the two health centres. Logiri Girls’ Secondary School will construct a new dormitory block to accommodate approximately 200 girls, who are now living in a over crowed rooms; a dangerous environment in case of a spread of infectious diseases, fire or accidents.

“Without a strong and healthy population, a nation would not have a functional labour force which is indispensable for realising  poverty eradication and economic growth,” said Mr. Kato in his remarks. “Equality in access to education between boys and girls are important for an integrated development”. The problem of congestion and overcrowding would be solved in the two health units and the girls’ secondary school through these projects.

The donation by Japan is part of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), a scheme administered by the Japanese Embassy to support community-based development projects. Japan, steadily promoting ownership of and partnership with Africa through Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) process, is committed to boosting economic growth, achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and consolidation of peace and good governance in Africa.


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For more information, please contact:
Ms. Kikome Yunia Masembe (Public Affairs Section) or
Ms. Yuki Asaka (GGP Section)
Embassy of Japan in Uganda
Tel: 041-4349542/3/4, 031-2261564/5/6


Detail of the projects

headConstruction of a Maternity Ward at St Paul’s Health Centre

headConstruction of a General Ward at Mbaare Health Centre, Isingiro District

headImprovement of facilities at Logiri Girls’ Secondary School