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Japan News Release 

6th Feruary 2014 


Japan Funds Education and Health Projects



H.E. Junzo Fujita, Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, will sign four contracts today, at the Embassy of Japan, for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), totalling over 1.1 Billion Uganda shillings (US$ 416,198) with the representatives of the recipient organizations, working in the fields of education and health.

In the health sector, Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council will receive US$ 93,544 for the construction of an operation theatre at Bushenyi-Ishaka Health Centre IV. In the District, there are no health centres nor hospitals that carry out surgical services such as caesarian and emergency operations. Even in the centre of the District, Bushenyi-Ishaka Town, doctors carry out only minor surgeries due to limited facilities. Most patients who require surgical services have to travel 70km to the nearest public hospital in Mbarara town or go to private institutions within Bushenyi-Ishaka. Through this project, we will construct a new operation theatre at Bushenyi Health Centre IV, enabling around 5 operations per week in a safe and hygienic environment, thus improving the health service delivery for 73,000 people residing in the area.


In the education sector, three projects are to be signed. First, the project will povide Katooke Secondary School in Kyenjojo District with US$ 109,284 for the construction of a dormitory block for girls, 2 latrine and washroom blocks and procurement of 140 beds, 40 cabinets and 180 mattresses. With a student population of 621 (373 boys and 248 girls), the oldest and largest government-aided secondary school in the Mwenge North region has only one girls’ dormitory, which is able to accommodate 20 girls but currently accommodates twice the limit. Through this project, a new dormitory with the capacity of 160 girls will be constructed, improving the learning environment for the girl students.


Secondly, the project will offer Kyakayonga Primary School in Nakaseke District US$ 112,456 for the construction of 2 classroom blocks with 6 classrooms in total, procurement of teachers’ furniture, and 2 water tanks. At Kyakayonga Primary School, students in the 6 classes from Primary 1 to Primary 5 have lessons in the makeshift buildings made of wooden posts and thatched roof because there are only two permanent classrooms from where Primary 6 and 7 classes study. Some don’t even have a classroom and study under the tree. However, since the nearest school is 8km away, students have no choice but to study in this environment. In bad weather, lessons have to be cancelled. Students also suffer from dust and rain, undermining their healthy growth. This project will construct 2 classroom blocks with 6 classrooms in total, and thus improve the learning environment for 203 students at the school.


Thirdly, the project will support African Revival Uganda, allocating US$ 100,914 for the construction and rehabilitation of a dormitory for girls, a library with desks, chairs and book shelves, and latrine blocks for boys, girls and teachers at Kitgum Core Primary Teachers’ College. An old multi-purpose building is currently used as a girls’ dormitory. However, without window panes, the building deteriorates the healthy learning environment for students due to excessive dust and rain. The existing library at the school is incomplete with half-finished internal walls and windows. Currently, the library is dark and dusty, and walls tend to crumble, making the book search and reading difficult. This project will improve the living environment for 29 girls and enable additional 19 more girls to be enrolled annually. It will also contribute to the improvement of the learning environment for 402 students at the school.


The GGP is a scheme administered by the Embassy of Japan to support community-based development projects. Since 1992, the Government of Japan has supported 177 projects so far in Uganda as of 2013.

Japan, steadily promoting ownership of and partnership with African countries through the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) process, is committed to achieving Uganda’s quality growth, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and consolidation of peace and good governance.

listThe Project for Construction of an Operation Theatre at Bushenyi Health Centre

listThe Project for Construction of Girls’ Dormitory at Katooke Secondary School in Kyenjojo District

listThe Project for Improvement of Facilities at Kyakayonga Primary School in Nakaseke District

listThe Project for the Improvement of Facilities at the Kitgum Core Primary Teachers’ College